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Planck Legacy Archive (PLA)

The Planck Legacy Archive (PLA) contains all public products originating from the Planck mission. As of March 21st  2013, the PLA provides public data products from the first 15.5 months of Planck operations. It notably includes full-sky intensity maps  at all nine Planck frequencies, maps of foregrounds components at high resolution, and the Cosmic Microwave Background fluctuations  at unprecedented sensitivity and angular resolution. Angular power spectra and cosmological parameter grids are also provided, as  well as the Planck Catalogue of Compact Sources and the Planck Sunyaev-Zel’dovich clusters catalogue. Many additional data  sets are provided as well.

Three mechanisms are provided to access these products: (a) a simple web interface that lists available products and allows for  direct download; (b) a Java module which allows to browse, search, inspect, select, and download the products; and (c) download  links embedded in the explanatory documentation. All three can be accessed via the links below. Additional pages describe the history  of updates to the PLA, and how the use of Planck data should be acknowledged.

Access to PLA  

A web interface to frequently requested products is freely accessible via the

Planck Legacy Archive Interoperability System

The full dataset can be searched, selected (including e.g. selection of map or catalogue subsets) and downloaded via the

Planck Legacy Archive Java Interface

Explanatory supplement Planck  publications
Planck science team home Use of Planck data
PLA updates External data and software

The PLA interface also inter-operates with the astronomical catalogues served by the Centre de Donnees de  Strasbourg (CDS), via the interactive software Aladin. Data can be transferred seamlessly from the PLA to Aladin. Additional tabular data manipulation  functionality is available via the Topcat tool. Please note that users do not  need to install Aladin and Topcat a-priori in order to use them; they will be called up automatically by the PLA interface when  invoked.

For advanced users: the PLA Inter-Operability subsystem (PLAIO) is  a machine interface allowing users to have direct access to the contents of the PLA without invoking the Java client.

If you experience problems using the archive interface, first consult our Trouble shooting page. If you cannot solve an issue yourself or have  questions related to Planck products, please submit a request via our helpdesk at

Other resources: IPAC Planck Home Page.

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