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AKARI European Open Time Observers Page

AKARI Post-Helium mission Announcement of Opportunities for the first year (Phase 3-I, Oct 2008 - Oct 2009)

List of AKARI Phase 3-I Open Time Approved Programmes

AKARI Post-Helium mission Announcement of Opportunities for the 2nd year (Phase 3-II, Oct 2009 - Oct 2010)

List of AKARI Phase 3-II Open Time Approved Programmes

List of AKARI Phase 2 Open Time Approved Programmes


Guidelines for publications related to AKARI

When publishing AKARI data in a journal or proceedings, you are requested to follow these guidelines.

Observations log, schedule and processing status information

The Observations Log maintained at ISAS contains information about all pointed observations performed by AKARI and those scheduled in the next four days. The Log is updated every tuesday. The log also shows the data processing status.

Data retrieval

European Open Time users can retrieve their data from the DARTS (Data ARchive and Transmission System) repository at ISAS PLAIN Center. The data file sets are encrypted in the proprietary period of one year. One passphrase (keycode) is created per programme and confidentially communicated to each programme PI. How to retrieve (and decrypt) the pointed observations data.

Instrument Data User Manuals

For Phase 3:

For Phase 2:


Data reduction software packages


For Phase 3:
  • [2010/01/27] We find that the imaging tookit for Phase 3 does not work for the data taken in 2010. The program irc_p3/ does not get proper date information because of a minor bug. If you already install the software (irc_p3_20081015.tar.gz), replace irc_p3/ with the following bug corrected version. []
  • IRC Imaging Toolkit for Phase 3 data Version 20081015 PL1 [9.9MB] (Y. Ita, T. Wada et al.)[2010/01/27] [Change Log] This package includes the above bug fix.
    (this version is used to process the current archive data package.)
For Phase 2:
System requirements : IRAF 2.12.2 or later, gcc 3.2 or later, perl
  • Archive processed version
    IRC Spectroscopy Toolkit Version 20070913 [26MB] (Y. Ohyama, T. Wada et al.) [Information updated 2008/06/21]
    (this version was used to process the current archive data package, and should be used only for compatibility check purposes).
System requirements : IDL (Software is developed on IDL 6.3. May work on 6.*.)
IRC Calibration Data


      • The following information is for the old version (20070104) software.
        Flat data for observations after 2007-01-07 02:49:00 [667kB; 2007/04/04]
        We have noticed that the flat pattern for the MIR-S channels changed at 2007-01-07 02:49:00. The pattern in the lower right corner disappeared after this epoch. For observations before this epoch, the flat data in the pipeline should be good enough though we are already aware that the pattern varies a little with time and are trying to prepare better flats depending on the observation time. Observations after this epoch should use the new flats for MIR-S.

        We are planning to include the flat data in each observation, but at this stage you can replace the flats either by
        (1) replacing the fits files in irc/lib/flat directory.
        (2) changing the entries of flat in constants.database in irc/lib.


(this is the version used to populate the current archive and should be used for compatibility checks only)
System requirements: IDL (Software is developed on IDL 6.3. May work on 6.*.)
Important Notes for Installation [2007/03/21]: Unpacking the fisdr software package version 20070321 and later will create a directory 'reduction_YYYYMMDD/', where YYYYMMDD is the version date. Users are asked to rename or make a symbolic link to this directory as 'reduction/' before they start.
FIS Calibration Data
FIS Relative Spectral Response Function (2007/02/23)

Data reduction workshops

  • AKARI Phase 3 Workshop: November 13, 2009 [2.3 MB] (2009/12/03)
    An overview of the Phase 3 workshop held at ISAS on November 13, 2009, together with the current and expected performance of the IRC next year.
  • A Data Reduction Workshop for European Open Time users has been held on 18 and 19 September 2007, at ESAC. The presentations are available on the workshop web site.
  • An IRC data reduction workshop for Japanese and Korean users has been held at ISAS on 20 June 2007. The presentations are available on the ISAS web site, for the imaging and spectroscopy aspects.
  • An FIS data reduction workshop for Japanese and Korean users has been held at ISAS on 13 September 2007. The presentations are available on the ISAS web site .

Announcements to AKARI mailing list

The Announcements to the AKARI mailing list can be found here.

Call for Proposals

The page containing historical information associated with the Phase 2 Call for Proposals can be found here.

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