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Charge Exchange Madrid

2010 September 29 - October 1

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid, Spain

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Charge Exchange Madrid




Wednesday September 29 to Friday October 1

European Space Astronomy Centre

Madrid, Spain



Workshop schedule

2010 April   First announcement
2010 July 12
  Registration opens
2010 September 5 
  Registration closes
  Abstract deadline
2010 September 7
  Hotel deadline
2010 September 29


  • Early laboratory work on ionic impact phenomena
  • Microscopic processes in plasmas
  • Laboratory measurements of ion-ion interactions
  • The lessons of beam-foil spectroscopy
  • Energy losses in fusion plasmas
  • Methods and approximations in the quantum mechanical treatment of ion-ion interactions
  • Physical processes at work between the solar wind and the Earth's magnetosheath
  • X-ray emission of comets
  • Ion-ion collisions in the heliosphere
  • The charge exchange layer in SNRs
  • Winds in single and binary hot-stars
  • Interfaces between cool and hot gas throughout the Universe
  • Line-to-continuum ratios in astrophysical spectra
  • Plasma emissivities without electrons

Scientific Organising Committee

Dennis Bodewits
Michael Collier
Konrad Dennerl
Rosine Lallement
Luis Méndez
Takaya Ohashi
Scott Porter

Conference organizers

Andy Pollock (European Space Agency)
Jenny Carter (University of Leicester)
Steve Sembay
(University of Leicester)
Åsa Ericson (European Space Agency)


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