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Euro-VO AIDA Workshop on how to publish data in the VO

22 - 26 June 2009

European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
ESA, Villafranca del Castillo, Madrid, Spain



International Virtual Observatory


Latest News
Deadline for registration extended
Timeschedule for ESAC - Hotels buses available
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Purpose & Goals

The EURO-VO project is organizing the "EURO-VO Workshop on how to publish data in the VO" at ESAC in Villafranca del Castillo, near Madrid on 22-26 June 2009. The Workshop will be held in the framework of the EURO-VO Astronomical Infrastructure for Data Access (AIDA).

The workshop is geared towards data centres and large projects to acquire the knowledge and experience necessary to allow them to become "publishers" in the VO.

In tutorials and hands-on sessions, participants will be introduced to VO protocols in the view of publishing their data holdings through the VO.
Participants are encouraged to bring some samples of their data to the workshop, so they can work on real examples and ensure they can build the corresponding VO services when they come back to their data centres.


Important dates

22 April 2009

1st Announcement

2-8 June 2009 Deadline for Hotel reservation
15 June 2009 Extended deadline for Workshop registration
22-26 June 2009 Workshop


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