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CV Upload Tool

Please check carefully the following requests:
  • Do not write full words in capital letters (except acronyms).
  • Check that your first name and surname are spelt correctly and are in the correct assigned box. In particular, check that you are filling the surname in the surname box.
  • Check that you are eligible to apply: You must be a national of an ESA Member State or one of its Cooperating States. You must also be a student (either undergradute or Masters student) when you apply. Please read carefully the 'Who can apply' section of the Training Opportunities page.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the submission is completed.


Please give your full name (do not write in capital letters).

     First name: Surname:


Please fill in your affiliation: University or Institution, City, Country. To apply you must be either an undergraduate or a Master's student.



Please give your Nationality. To apply you must be a national of an ESA Member State or one of its Cooperating States. Studying in an ESA member state does not contribute to your eligibility for an ESA traineeship.



Please give your permanent address.



Please list the projects you wish to apply for. Each applicant can apply for a maximum of 3 projects. These are not in any order of priority.

     Project Title:  
     Project Title:  
     Project Title:  


Please give your available dates for a traineeship at ESAC, starting in 2015 (for example: March to September 2015; 1st November 2015 to 1st February 2016). Please note: the Summer is the most popular time period and therefore the most competitive due to constraints on the number of trainees we can accommodate in any time period.


CV File Upload

Please upload your CV (in English), and include your name in the CV file name (please don't include apostrophes in the file name). If you'd like to upload a cover letter please include it in the same file as your CV.

     CV file: (max: 2MB)

Applicant E-mail address

A confirmation e-mail will be sent here.


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