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PAGE OBSOLETE: The VOSpec web page has moved here


VOSpec: a VO Spectral Analysis Tool

VOSpec is the answer from the ESAVO Team to the demand of having a solid tool able to handle spectra in the VO context as well as providing analysis capabilities and easy integration of spectra coming from different data providers, wavelengths, and different metadata (e.g. units).

VOSpec is a multi-wavelength spectral analysis tool with access to spectra, theoretical models and atomic and molecular line databases registered in the VO. The latest version also includes access to experimental photometry services. The standard tools of VOSpec include line and continuum fitting, redshift and reddening correction, spectral arithmetic and convolution between spectra, equivalent width and flux calculations, and a best fitting algorithm for fitting selected Spectral Energy Distributions (SEDs) to a TSAP service. VOSpec offers several display modes (tree vs table) and organising functionalities according to the available metadata for each service, including distance from the observation position.


VOSpec can be started in several ways:

through WebStart
through the VOSpec applet
through external calls to your pages
by downloading and running this .jar file: VOSpec_6.6.jar
(note that web-based methods are preferred, as they
ensure that the latest version is provided).

A track log of VOSpec versions can be found in the versioning page. You can try also our units parser and our units converter to check your input units.

Having problems running VOSpec? Try reading our Troubleshooting page.

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This page was first created on 13 March, 2007 and was last updated on 29 January, 2013.
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