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The ESA-VO Project


The Virtual Observatory is a world-wide initiative in astronomy which aims to allow astronomers to perform new science by providing them with a "federation of astronomical archives and databases around the world, together with analysis tools and computational services, all linked into an integrated facility".


ESA-VO's main goal is to have ESAC as the VO node for all European space based astronomy by:

  Ensuring all ESAC astronomy archives are accessible through the VO framework.
  Developing VO science applications (eg VOSpec to handle VO compatible spectra).
  Developing VO tools (eg Registry) allowing ESA and other data providers to publish their scientific data
    holdings through the VO.
  Disseminating VO technology and science through organising workshops, tutorials, use cases, ...
  Doing science with the VO, as a natural link with ESAC scientists working on various missions, the goal is to enable
    them to perform new science with the VO.
  Participating in other VO initiatives in Europe (EURO-VO) and worldwide (IVOA and IPDA).

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This page was first created on 31 October, 2011 and was last updated on 27 January, 2014.
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